# TRANS-EUROPA MEDIAS/ New York Serenade

New York Serenade

Auteur : Michèle Primi, Ciro Frank Schiappa -
Editeur : Skira

Agence TEM/ Trans-Europa Médias


New York City Serenade is homage to the city of New York.
The project consists of 50 pictures that share stories we believe are relevant to describe the continuous changing of the historical sites, the urban landscape, and the different forms of art that the city itself produced over the years. Historical places that have been fundamental in the history of New York’s music scene and no longer exist. Streets, buildings and boroughs described in their work by great New York artists. Places where everything started or everything happened for the city’s most representative artists. Our aim is to write a story about history, art, music and NY City, and create a journey through his tradition, around historical places that are holding memories of the past, while the future is written somewhere else.


Ciro Frank Schiappa, photographer. His photographs have been featured in numerous solo and group exhibitions.
Michele Primi, journalist at Rolling Stone, writer.

24 × 31 cm
ISBN : 978-88-572-3250-8
Pages 160

TEM/ 2017

TEM / Trans-Europa Médias
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